Promotional Services

As much as we love getting your organization set up with apparel and merchandise, there is no denying that social media and grassroots promotion are incredibly powerful tools that aid your success. From business and posters to videos being shared between old friends and new on social media networks, there are countless ways to get your product out to the masses. At Soundscape Merchandise we don’t just stop after we print your merchandise; we continue to spread the word about your organization through multiple outlets.

Band Promotion

After making your merchandise, continued band promotion is offered for our entertainment industry clients. Each band on our roster will receive their own page on our website where they can share a magnitude of information, while increasing their internet presence and fan base. In addition to promotion through our social media networks and monthly newsletters, bands on our roster will enjoy on-site promotion at festivals and shows within our region.

Online Fulfillment

Online Fulfillment services are most popular for our entertainment industry clients, which allow the bands to keep on making music while their orders are being fulfilled by our staff. Distribution of soft and hard goods is highly convenient for hard touring bands as our attention to detail and constant promotion of your organization is the focus of everything we do. Orders can be setup from your online store to our dedicated staff, and fulfillment of those orders will ensure that each customers gets their merchandise in a timely fashion.